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Sammy Tippit harnessing technology for global impact

June 27, 2018

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (BP) -- With Skype, Facebook, Zoom, websites and QR codes, Sammy Tippit reaches several million people worldwide each month to advance the Gospel. In addition to evangelistic preaching, discipleship resources by Tippit are translated into Hindi, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Portuguese, Farsi, Italian, Mandarin, Arabic and Spanish, with three more languages on the horizon. He and the board of directors of Sammy Tippit Ministries made a decision three years ago "to pursue technology and get the Gospel out through technology," said Tippit, the new president of the Southern Baptist Evangelists organization.

Skype, electricity & the Gospel in Asia

January 4, 2012

[[email protected]@180="It's very different than we thought our lives would look like, but we don't doubt that this is what God had planned."]CENTRAL ASIA (BP) -- Jane was in the middle of explaining how God had called her family to one of the toughest areas in Central Asia when the Skype connection went dead.

Tips for connecting with families overseas

July 7, 2014

RICHMOND, Va. (BP) -- Richard and Sharla Rachel are typical American grandparents who enjoy being a part of their grandchildren's lives. They babysit. They have dinner together. They read books and play games.

India’s IT elite lend an ear to storytelling

February 1, 2012

BANGALORE, India (BP) -- The blue Skype icon bounces on the bottom of the computer screen in front of Lekha Katti*, an Information Technology [IT] professional in Bangalore, India. When her Bible verse of the day arrives via an instant message, she copies it to her Facebook profile. ...

Polish student shares faith with those back home via e-mail, Skype

April 14, 2010

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (BP)–Filip Blank feels the gravity of the tragic plane crash involving high-ranking Polish political, military and religious leaders. Blank spent the first 20 years of his life in Poland before moving to the United States with his family and subsequently enrolling at Midwestern Baptist College, SBC, in Kansas City, Mo. The family […]

COVID-19 Opening Up Evangelism Opportunities for Texas Evangelist

May 7, 2020

As the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has spread, one Southern Baptist evangelist says it’s opening up tremendous opportunities to share the Gospel online.

Family’s rescue at Nairobi mall: as if ‘whole world was praying’

October 11, 2013

NAIROBI, Kenya (BP) -- Katherine Walton was sitting in her backyard during the Skype interview. Her 13-month-old was toddling in and out of the camera, beautiful blond hair shining in the sunlight. Voices in the background of her sons, Blaise and Ian, sometimes interrupted -- once to report a scraped knee from the trampoline, other times just to ask a question.

FIRST-PERSON: Not forgotten

March 5, 2007

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (BP)--One of the difficulties of serving as a missionary is battling the oppressive feeling that you are laboring alone, buried in obscurity and forgotten. The struggle is harder when you are serving in a country where the general population doesn't even want you to be there. It grows heavier when friends from home forget to write. The devil tempts you to believe that they have also forgotten to pray and that you are making no difference.

WEEK OF PRAYER: Former Muslim buoyed in sub-Saharan desert by church’s prayer

December 18, 2012

PRINCE GEORGE, Va. (BP) -- Late one night in the sub-Saharan desert, Ibrahim* felt God leading him to read John 14.       "Your heart must not be troubled, the passage begins. "Believe in God; believe also in Me" (HCSB).       A Christian had given him a Bible in
1993. As the son of an imam (teacher of Islam), Ibrahim had been struggling to reconcile the God of Scripture with what he had been taught -- that it was blasphemous to call Jesus the "Son of God."

SBC of Virginia installs Brian Autry as exec

December 5, 2012

HAMPTON, Va. (BP) -- When church planter Clint Clifton was asked if the SBC of Virginia could do a video spotlighting his story of church planting during its 2012 annual homecoming, he didn't think it would lead to a spontaneous offering.