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EDUCATION BRIEFS: Speaker series launched at Golden Gate Seminary

[…] Wayne and LeAlice Dehoney, the Dehoney Center exists in order to provide resources and training for those who will minister in the cities and take the good news of the Gospel to them.” UNION DEDICATES NEW HOUSING COMPLEX — Less than seven months after massive tornado damage forced the demolition of multiple student housing buildings, […]

Hurricanes & economic upheaval

peace and hope into our hearts in the days and years following new birth.

Expect the unexpected

[…] some 100 Birchman Baptist members — young, older, Anglo and Spanish-speaking — were trained as counselors. By the time the harvest event — themed “Timeless Truths for Today” — rolled around in April, three months of intensive, heavy-duty planning had been completed. The fliers had been distributed. Publicity was generated. It was “show-time” for […]

Saudi textbooks, religious freedom and why it matters

daughter's tongue and then burned her to death as punishment for her conversion from Islam to Christianity.

Did God create Ray Boltz gay?

[…] many in Southern Baptist churches are struggling with a temptation they neither seek nor understand, but they are terrified to ask for help. Ray Boltz said, “I read every book, I read all the scriptures they use, I did everything to try and change.” Scripture (1 Corinthians 6:9-11) tells us that people can leave […]

Fireproof red-hot at box office

[…]   Fireproof generated the second-highest average revenue in theaters this past weekend, beaten only by "Eagle Eye," a thriller that showed in four times as many theaters and cost 160 times as much to make.       Across the country, people hungry for family friendly films packed the 839 theaters where Fireproof was showing. […]

Congress moves to inform mothers, protect unborn

[…] expectant mother is when she learns she is going to have a child with a disability or medical condition," Brownback wrote in an opinion piece carried by National Review Online Sept. 30.       "Access to the best support and information about the condition can make all the difference to a woman and her […]

Hurricane relief showcases cooperation

[…] well be the most powerful collective effort for missions and ministry in the world today. My prayer is that the Gospel would continue to be proclaimed as we partner with one another to reach our neighbors and the nations. –30– Keith Collier is director of news and information for Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

VP debate includes ‘gay marriage,’ Darfur

[…] best advice.” In her closing statement, Palin said she and McCain are going to fight for “the middle-class, average, everyday American family like mine” and for economic and national security freedoms. “It was Ronald Reagan who said that freedom is always just one generation away from extinction,” Palin said. “We don’t pass it to our children […]

Ending Sudan violence: USCIRF hearing

in ruins and clothes scattered in every direction.