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¿Dónde Estabas Jesús?

DANVILLE, Va. (BP) -- "Solo quisiera despertar y que esto haya sido solamente una pesadilla, pero no puedo despertar." Estas fueron las palabras de María del Pilar, esposa de Miguel Ángel Carbajal que se había ahogado hace unos días en Ivy Lake. ...

FIRST-PERSON: Your children & church planting

Terry Dorsett, a church planter now based in Connecticut, suggests 10 ways families with children can help plant churches in North America.

Venezuela’s economic crisis prompts BGR relief

VENEZUELA (BP) -- Baptist Global Response (BGR) is organizing relief efforts to help starving families trapped in Venezuela's current economic crisis. The country's economic output is expected to shrink by 15 percent this year, which would be the third consecutive year it has decreased by double digits, Forbes.com reported. And inflation has reportedly grown from 112 percent in 2015 to 2,400 percent last year. In 2018, it's expected to hit five-digits.