Amanda Kate Winkelman

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Study: Pro-life laws aid abortion decline

WASHINGTON (BP)--Various state-level pro-life measures result in "statistically significant declines" in the country's abortion rate, according to a study in the State Politics & Policy Quarterly.

Child sex trafficking is growing, even in U.S.

WASHINGTON (BP)--Commercial sexual exploitation remains a major problem among the young in the United States, with an estimated 100,000 U.S. children trafficked annually, experts say.

Protecting your kids from web predators

WASHINGTON (BP)–Parents, teachers and youth leaders can take steps to protect children and young people from becoming victims of online predators and sex traffickers, specialists say. Experts warn that the threat of children being exploited and trafficked is widespread. Even a decade ago, an estimated 293,000 American youth were at risk of becoming victims of […]

Black abortion rate mourned by pro-lifers

WASHINGTON (BP)–The disproportionate rate of abortions performed on African Americans led black pro-life leaders to gather recently for a nationwide day of mourning in an effort to reduce what they describe as the “genocidal impact” of abortion. “The National Day of Mourning called attention to the fact that there are African Americans all across the […]

‘Eggsploitation’ reveals egg donor dangers

WASHINGTON (BP)–The fertility industry has a dirty secret — young women are being coerced into selling their eggs despite the severe health risks and the lack of laws protecting them, according to a recently released movie from the Center for Bioethics and Culture Network. “Eggsploitation” — a documentary that tells the stories of young women […]

‘Beginning of end of abortion’ is group’s aim

WASHINGTON (BP)--The "beginning of the end of abortion" is hopefully what Americans are witnessing ...