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Annie Moses Band encourages young talent

NASHVILLE (BP) -- Clutching the microphone close to her lips, a girl in flip-flops stood at the front of about 170 young musicians, singers and performers in Lipscomb University's Allen Arena.

Without Morsi, Christian persecution surges

[QUOTE@left@150="No faction in Egypt had more to lose from the Muslim Brotherhood's Islamist rule than the 8 million or so Christian Coptic community, the Mideast's largest non-Muslim minority" - Nina Shea]CAIRO (BP) -– At least six Egyptian Christians have been murdered in a persecution surge following former president Mohamed Morsi's removal from office July 3.      Christian persecution has intensified, CBS News reported, because Christians supported the ousting of Morsi, who was once a Muslim Brotherhood leader.

Egypt timeline set for political reform

[QUOTE@left@180=Normalcy in Egypt will be "a messy and difficult process."
-- Seminary professor
Mike Edens]CAIRO (BP) -- Egyptian leaders are rushing to find solutions to the country's problems as protests and bloodshed persist in the wake of former President Mohamed Morsi's removal from power.

Egypt tumult encompasses economy & religion

WASHINGTON (BP) -- More than three dozen Egyptians are dead and 750-plus wounded after four days of demonstrations in Cairo, where millions called for President Mohammed Morsi to step down.       The Egyptian military threatened to "impose its own solution" today (July 3) if demonstrators and Morsi do not make amends, the Associated Press reported. The AP added that military, Muslim and Christian leaders and democracy advocates had met July 3 to plan how Morsi will be replaced.

‘Heaven’s Rain’: painful road to forgiveness

HOUSTON (BP) -- When Brooks Douglass awoke in ICU after enduring a gunshot wound, the last thing on the mind of the 16-year-old preacher’s son was forgiveness.      After all, the two men who shot Douglass also hogtied his family at gunpoint, raped his sister Leslie, who was 12, and killed his parents Richard and Marilyn.

Trafficking report downgrades Russia, China

NASHVILLE (BP) -- The U.S. State Department downgraded Russia and China Wednesday (June 19) in its annual trafficking report due to the two countries' lack of efforts in combating human trafficking.

Filipinos gather for fellowship & partnership

HOUSTON (BP) -- For the 20th consecutive year, Filipino pastors and families met in conjunction with the Southern Baptist Convention, June 11 in Missouri City, Texas.       "The men and women who come from the Philippines are the best missionary force in the world," said Jeff Christopherson, vice president of the North American Mission Board's Northeast Region and guest speaker at the Filipino Southern Baptist Fellowship of North America.

Chinese Baptists set church planting goal

HOUSTON (BP) -- During the Chinese Baptist Fellowship in Houston, Chinese Southern Baptists discussed ways to create disciples and reach their church planting goal of 600 churches by 2020. This goal encompasses Chinese Baptist churches in the United States and Canada.

Poll: Americans still see religion’s importance

WASHINGTON (BP) -- Despite a common belief that culture is rejecting faith-based ideas, a majority of Americans say society would improve with a stronger religious presence, according to new Gallup polling.