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Southern Baptists celebrate sending 79 new missionaries

The International Mission Board celebrated the appointment of 79 new missionaries in a virtual Sending Celebration streamed on Facebook and through the IMB: Advance the Kingdom app Wednesday (Nov. 18). The missionaries, who were previously approved by IMB trustees, come from 21 states and will serve in eight of IMB’s nine affinities.

IMB workers share nothing but blood of Jesus can heal

SOUTHEAST ASIA (BP) -- In a dimly lit wooden home, a paralyzed man shares the story of his paralysis, his time with a witchdoctor, and finally, his vision of heaven. IMB missionary Nancy Potter* translates his testimony for a visiting volunteer team from Oklahoma. As Seo* shares his story, he uses a white rope, strung like a hammock, to keep himself upright.

Hundreds participate in Virtual Mission Trip to South Asia

RICHMOND, Va. (BP) -- What began as a summer vision trip to South Asia for 12 seminary students evolved into a virtual mission trip involving 221 participants and 60 IMB workers. Twelve seminary graduates signed up for a summer vision trip to learn how and where they can serve in South Asia. However, all IMB summer mission trips were canceled due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Southern Baptists virtually celebrate sending 61 missionaries

RICHMOND, Va. (BP) – The International Mission Board (IMB) commissioned 61 missionaries in a virtual Sending Celebration on Tuesday (June 9). The missionaries represent churches in 15 states and will be serving in all nine of the IMB’s affinities. Sending Celebrations provide a forum for Southern Baptists to commission new missionaries and hear their call to missions. IMB trustees voted on and approved 59 of the missionaries this spring in a virtual board meeting. Two missionaries were appointed in January.

IMB Student Team introduces Stateside Summer initiative

RICHMOND, Va. (BP) -- The IMB Student Team's Stateside Summer initiative empowers students to reach the nations this summer without leaving the U.S. Students will participate in missions activities, learn about unreached and unengaged people groups, connect with missionaries and share the Gospel with their family, friends and in their communities.

Missionaries in Sub-Saharan Africa support NAMB missionaries

RICHMOND, Va. (BP) -- This week, the International Mission Board's Sub-Saharan Affinity has committed to pray for and encourage missionaries serving with the North American Mission Board in the week leading up to Easter Sunday and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. Just as the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering supports IMB missionaries, the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering supports North American Mission Board (NAMB) missionaries. One hundred percent of each offering supports Southern Baptist missionaries.

OLYMPICS: Missionaries sense era of opportunity in Japan

TOKYO (BP) -- If you share the Gospel with a Japanese person, there is a 99 percent chance this would be the first time they've ever heard the message. With that statistic, Japanese people can be classified as an unreached people group. This might come as a surprise for those who think of "unreached people groups" with images of men and women living in jungles or remote desert dwellings. Instead, Japan's unreached are often businessmen working in skyscrapers and young adults with unparalleled digital connectedness.

Global sporting events provide opportunity in Japan

At the Rugby World Cup in Tokyo, IMB writer Caroline Anderson witnessed how global sporting events bring nations together. IMB missionaries have created a missions strategy for the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics, also in Tokyo.

Cambodian man travels difficult road to healing

CAMBODIA (BP) -- Chamroeun Siet's* road to full dependence on Jesus was a gradual one, and it wasn't without painful bumps -- electrocution, skin grafts and alcoholism recovery -- but it's a story of God's physical and spiritual healing. Before committing his life to Christ and partnering with IMB workers in Southeast Asia, Siet was an alcoholic, spending all of his family's money on alcohol. One night, after throwing plates across the room and breaking things around his house in a drunken rage, he saw his mother crying in the corner and realized he needed help.

God’s grace overcomes duty in Japan, generations after WWII

JAPAN (BP) -- The Walkers' family history was intertwined with Japan long before they landed there. Cornelia's father was an Army Air Force pilot who flew bombing missions in Japan during World War II. Carlton Walker's father was in the infantry and served in Japan after the war officially ended. He was tasked with checking homes and public places for weapons. Carlton remembers his father's compassionate heart for the Japanese people.