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Claude Thomas

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FIRST-PERSON: Hope amidst sorrow

EULESS, Texas (BP)--People across the nation watched, prayed and waited to see what would be done for Terri Schiavo. She lived for years in a brain-damaged state. Eventually, her story broke onto the front pages of the national news.

FIRST-PERSON: Taming the tongue

EULESS, Texas (BP)--The old television programs bring back fond memories. Many seemed harmless enough, although they dealt with serious matters. In the 1950s the “Honeymooners” often made comedy out of conflict in the home.

FIRST-PERSON: Helping hands, open hearts

EULESS, Texas (BP)--The International Mission Board is seeking those with helping hands and open hearts. What can you do to help the tsunami victims? Well, the IMB is coordinating relief efforts in which you can participate. You can go directly to www.imb.org to discover your role.

FIRST-PERSON: A house united

EULESS, Texas (BP)--As an experiment, Mark Twain said he once put a dog and a cat in a cage together to see if they could get along, and believe it or not, they did.

FIRST-PERSON: Voting for the family

EULESS, Texas (BP)--November is right around the corner. Do you know how your family will vote? As Christians, this question is one of utmost importance. Scriptures teach us that Christians should be actively engaging the culture around us with the light of Jesus Christ.

FIRST-PERSON: In challenging times

EULESS, Texas (BP)--Challenging times require resolve and courage. But I believe that challenging times also require deep and passionate prayer.

FIRST-PERSON: What good is the Holy Spirit?

EULESS, Texas (BP)--Our families don't need more money, more cars or a new anything. I don't think our kids don't need more toys or more sweets.

FIRST-PERSON: ‘The Passion’ for your family

EULESS, Texas (BP)-—Beyond its $350 million-plus in box office receipts, “The Passion of The Christ” has influenced our culture. But I want to ask a question that hasn’t been raised: “How does The Passion impact our families?”

FIRST-PERSON: The power of forgiveness

EULESS, Texas (BP)--The Apostle Paul knew the power of forgiveness.

FIRST-PERSON: The art of affirmation

EULESS, Texas (BP)--If we ever want to develop healthy relationships, we must develop the biblical art of affirming others. The art of affirmation is a Christian skill that will revolutionize relationships in our families, in our friendships and in our workplaces.