Daniel Pipes

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FIRST-PERSON: What are Islamic schools teaching?

PHILADELPHIA (BP)--"Shocked" is how Aisha Sherazi, principal of the Abraar Islamic school in Ottawa, described the reaction of the school's administration and board on learning that two of its teachers had incited hatred of Jews.

FIRST-PERSON: To those who predict 100 bin Ladens

PHILADELPHIA (BP)--"When it is over, if it is over, this war [in Iraq] will have horrible consequences," lamented Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak the other day. "Terrorism will be aggravated," he said, predicting that instead of one bin Laden there will be 100 bin Ladens. "Terrorist organizations will be united. Everything will be insecure."

FIRST-PERSON: PBS recruiting for Islam

PHILADELPHIA (BP)--What would be the best way to convert lots of Americans to Islam?

ANALYSIS: Resolve, toughness only answer to Arabs’ intent to destroy Israel

PHILADELPHIA (BP)--Last June, Palestinian television broadcast a sermon in a Gaza mosque in which the imam, Ibrahim Madi, made the following statement: "God willing, this unjust state Israel will be erased; this unjust state the United States will be erased; this unjust state Britain will be erased."

ANALYSIS: John Walker’s alienation reflects troubling trends

PHILADELPHIA (BP)--John Walker's case may seem eccentric and unique. How many 20-year-olds from Marin County, Calif., end up in a dank cellar in Afghanistan fighting with the most fanatical of al Qaeda terrorists?

ANALYSIS: Here’s one American who feels safer after Sept. 11

PHILADELPHIA (BP)--All four of the plane crashes on Sept. 11 occurred in the northeastern United States, where I live. According to the latest Newsweek poll, a massive two-thirds of my neighbors feel "less safe" than they did before that day.

FIRST-PERSON: ‘Islamism’ requires easy steps & difficult choices to counter

PHILADELPHIA (BP)--That the assault on New York's highest buildings and the American military headquarters appears to have been organized by Osama bin Laden and carried out exclusively by Muslims has large implications for the way Muslim populations living in all Western countries will be seen in the future.

ANALYSIS – Palestinians & the incomprehensible: pushing children to their deaths

PHILADELPHIA (BP)--Hours after the killing of 15 Israelis in a Jerusalem restaurant on Aug. 9, the brother of the 23-year-old suicide bomber delightedly announced that "This is a unique operation for its quality and success. ... Palestinians everywhere can now hold up their heads."

FIRST-PERSON: Bin Laden and Herndon, Virginia

PHILADELPHIA (BP)--Islamist terrorism afflicts nearly every Western country and is likely to get worse. One reason is the radicals' aggressiveness; another is the feeble Western response. I personally experienced both of these problems just recently.

FIRST-PERSON: Israel gained ‘precisely nothing’ from concession-based diplomacy

PHILADELPHIA (BP)--The recent election of Ariel Sharon allows us to look back with amazement at the last eight years. The Israeli government pursued a course without parallel in the annals of diplomacy.