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FIRST-PERSON: 3 reasons revival matters

O'FALLON, Ill. (BP) -- Perhaps the greatest need of our day is revival. I’m not talking about a series of revival meetings, though that might be needed as well. I’m talking about a genuine revival in the lives of Christians that brings spiritual renewal, vibrancy and power. What a difference it would make in our day if revival were stirring in individuals and churches and beyond!

FIRST-PERSON: The church still matters

I’ve never seen the idea of the church so marginalized in all my lifetime. The secular world mocks the church and the Christian world devalues the church. The local church is seen, even by believers, as unnecessary and antiquated and optional. You can kind of understand the issues perhaps. After all, churches are filled with […]

FIRST-PERSON: Making a connection

Doug Munton relays suggestions for helping church members connect with first-time guests to make "a real and lasting difference."

FIRST-PERSON: The preaching privilege

Even on a harried Sunday as a pastor, Doug Munton realizes the privilege he has "to preach the Bible, point people to Jesus and encourage others in faith."

FIRST-PERSON: Your imperfect local church

Finding a perfect church is impossible, Doug Munton writes. But if you're willing "to let a perfect Savior use you and others in an imperfect local church, God will impact the world through you."


Christianity can be "more fulfilling than you ever imagined," Doug Munton writes, when it is shared with fellow believers.

FIRST-PERSON: Teaching your kids not to follow Christ?

Doug Munton ventures some suggestions if you're interested in helping your kids slide down the path to moral relativism and depravity or becoming, at best, lukewarm Christians.

FIRST-PERSON: Honesty & revival

Honesty, Doug Munton writes, is "both the catalyst and the result of a genuine spiritual awakening."

FIRST-PERSON: Reading the Bible, every year

For Doug Munton, reading through the Bible each year helps him see "the big picture of God's story more clearly" and "stretches my understanding and deepens my faith."

FIRST-PERSON: Missionary heroes

Count missionaries as "a special kind of hero," Doug Munton writes, citing how they "die to self" amid the joys of a calling often tempered by loneliness, isolation and illness.