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Church prepares court fight to save land from developers

WASHINGTON (BP)--Lawyers for the Cottonwood Christian Center in Los Alamitos, Calif., will seek a federal injunction to block officials in nearby Cypress from seizing 18 acres of church land and converting it into a shopping center, CNSNews.com reported May 30.

Public school abstinence program targeted by ACLU

WASHINGTON (BP)--A federally funded abstinence-only sex education program in Louisiana is the subject of an American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit, based on allegations that the program employs religious messages, which the ACLU claims violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

House committee votes to release $34M for U.N. population fund

WASHINGTON (BP)--A congressional committee vote in the middle of the night May 9 has given new hope to those urging full U.S. funding for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), CNSNews.com reported May 14. Strongly supported by abortion rights advocates, the U.N. agency is criticized by conservatives for allegedly promoting China's policies of forced sterilization and abortion.

Committee votes to continue abstinence education funds

WASHINGTON (BP)--The House Commerce Committee has voted to continue funding "abstinence only" sexual education programs, despite criticism from those who say contraceptives should also be part of the "comprehensive" picture.

Congress mulls continuation of abstinence-only education funding

WASHINGTON (BP)--Experts sparred over sexual education April 23, arguing whether the U.S. government should continue funding abstinence-only sex education programs or whether it should encourage programs that push abstinence while also educating young people on the availability and use of contraceptives, CNSNews.com reported.

City seeks to oust church through eminent domain

WASHINGTON (BP)--Officials with the Cottonwood Christian Center in Los Alamitos, Calif. are promising a court battle after the city council in nearby Cypress decided not only to squash the center's plans for a religious campus, but took a major step to seize the center's 18-acre tract of land through eminent domain for the construction of a shopping center, according to CNSNews.com.

Crisis pregnancy centers wary of N.Y. attorney general’s ‘settlement’

WASHINGTON (BP)--There was no boasting from pro-life crisis pregnancy center operators in New York State, despite the state attorney general's withdrawal Feb. 28 of subpoenas in an investigation into whether the centers provided "deceptive" medical information to women, CNSNews.com reported March 1.

N.Y. crisis pregnancy centers launch counterattack subpoenas

WASHINGTON (BP)--With the Feb. 15 deadline looming for New York crisis pregnancy centers to hand over subpoenaed materials to the state attorney general's office, eight of the pro-life centers began a counterattack, CNSNews.com reported Feb. 14.

N.Y. attorney general downplays inquiries to pregnancy centers

WASHINGTON (BP)--The New York attorney general's office is seeking to extinguish a firestorm sparked by an investigation into 24 crisis pregnancy centers statewide, CNSNews.com reported Jan. 30.

N.Y. crisis pregnancy center finds legal, moral support

WASHINGTON (BP)--One of the New York crisis pregnancy centers under investigation by the state's attorney general for possibly providing "deceptive" medical information to women now has big-name legal representation, CNSNews.com reported.