Jordan Lorence

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FIRST-PERSON: In NYC, schools in churches are OK, but churches in schools are not?

Attorney and columnist Jordan Lorence says New York City's Department of Education is inconsistent, allowing public schools to meet in churches while forbidding churches from meeting in schools.

FIRST-PERSON: The future of churches meeting in schools — what now?

Churches meeting in public schools should not be apprehensive because of recent action of the Supreme Court regarding a New York City case, says attorney Jordan Lorence.

FIRST-PERSON: Church is like a rodeo? A court ruling says it is

A stunningly wrong decision by an appeals court prohibits churches from meeting in New York City schools but allows other organizations to meet, says columnist and attorney Jordan Lorence.

FIRST-PERSON: The real & overlooked trend in U.S. marriage debate

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (BP)--Yes, there is a discernible trend in legalization of same-sex unions, but it is far different than one of inevitable acceptance loudly trumpeted by activists and their willing accomplices in the media.