Larry Pierce

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Muslims in U.S. getting involved in politics in increasing numbers

WASHINGTON (BP)–Muslim voters — though relatively few in number — could play a disproportionately big role in a close presidential election. American Muslims are concentrated in cities such as Detroit and Youngstown, Ohio, in swing states where today’s election could be decided. Experts say there are as many as 6 million Muslims in the United […]

AT&T’s tie to hard-core pornography ignites protest by 27-group coalition

WASHINGTON (BP)--Shame on AT&T, investors say. Ma Bell is getting into the hard-core pornography business, embarrassing and angering some of its investors.

Jasper, Texas & region experiencing racial healing after James Byrd murder

JASPER, Texas (BP)–In Jasper, Texas, where white racists brutally murdered a black man last year, a pastor has found himself in the midst of a heaven-sent reconciliation among the races. The crime was almost unimaginably cruel. Three men picked up hitchhiker James Byrd Jr., beat him, chained him by the ankles, dragged him behind a […]