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Conservatives claim Nickelodeon promoting homosexual agenda

WASHINGTON (BP)--A conservative group says Rosie O'Donnell, who recently disclosed her homosexuality, will appear on a Nickelodeon Network program in which children will be asked if they think homosexuality is morally wrong and whether they believe laws are needed to protect homosexuals from discrimination.

Mom sues over ejection from school assembly on homosexuality

WASHINGTON (BP)--A St. Louis mom is suing the public high school that blocked her from observing a school-sponsored assembly conducted by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), according to a report on CNSNews.com.

Deaf lesbians criticized for efforts to create deaf child

WASHINGTON (BP)--A leading pro-family organization is questioning attempts by a suburban Washington, D.C., lesbian couple to deliberately create a deaf child, CNSNews.com reported April 2.

Law forces pro-life groups to pay for contraceptives

WASHINGTON (BP)--A new law signed by Massachusetts Republican Gov. Jane Swift will force pro-life groups to offer coverage of contraceptive devices as part of the health plans offered to their employees, CNSNews.com reported March 8. Pro-life groups say some contraceptives actually cause early pregnancies to be aborted.

Women who have abortion more likely to face depression, study shows

WASHINGTON (BP)--Women who abort their first unintended pregnancy are more prone to clinical depression, increased substance abuse and suicide than women who carry their unintended pregnancy to term, a new study suggests.

Penn. Supreme Court extends same-sex parental rights

WASHINGTON (BP)--The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled that parental rights can grow out of homosexual relationships, setting a precedent for non-biological parents seeking custody rights of children they helped raise.

Michigan government offices now urged to display ‘In God We Trust’

WASHINGTON (BP)--A Michigan law passed on New Year's Eve will "strongly encourage" state and local government offices to display the U.S. motto, "In God We Trust," CNSNews.com reported.

Porn downloads: School district has disciplined 50-60 students

WASHINGTON (BP)--Some 50-60 high school students in the Richmond, Va., area have been disciplined for using school-issued laptop computers to access and download hard-core pornography from the Internet. According to CNSNews.com, Henrico County school officials said the incidents were few in number and were handled appropriately, but others say it is a bigger problem nationwide.

Homosexual advocates countered in Salvation Army donation protest

WASHINGTON (BP)--The American Family Association (AFA) of Michigan said it will redeem, in cash, phony $5 bills a pro-homosexuality group plans to distribute to the Salvation Army over the holiday season, CNSNews.com reported Nov. 27.

Salvation Army unit to offer domestic partnership benefits

WASHINGTON (BP)--The Salvation Army's Western Corporation will begin offering health care benefits to the domestic partners of its employees, many of whom are homosexual, despite the Salvation Army's long-standing policy against homosexuality, CNSNews.com reported Nov. 6.