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Monica Starr

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Venezuela: The lights go out, Christ’s light shines on

VENEZUELA (BP) -- Beatriz paused in her struggle to lug a bucket of water up seven flights without sloshing any out. She rubbed her aching arms, then grabbed the bucket and continued up the fire escape to her sister's apartment -- one step at a time. If her husband Leo, a Venezuelan pastor, could find parts to repair their ailing car, if he could secure gasoline, if he didn't find too many roadblocks, he would join Beatriz there in the capital, bringing two large containers of water from his mother's home in the country.

Venezuela pastor: church ‘opportunities increasing’

VENEZUELA (BP) -- Thousands of Venezuelans of all ages, across the entire nation, have marched on the streets in protest of the Nicolás Maduro regime. Scores were shot dead, more were beaten, hundreds rounded up and detained, according to media reports. As 2019 unfolds, the infrastructure continues a downward spiral, hyper-inflation has exceeded 1.5 million percent, food and medicine are increasingly difficult to acquire. And 3 million or more out of 31 million Venezuelans reportedly have fled the country in the past few years.

Venezuelans find mercy in arduous exodus from tumult

COLOMBIA (BP) -- Night descends rapidly on the small plaza where a penetrating drizzle falls onto the cold stone floor. About 35 men, most in short sleeves or sleeveless shirts, huddle under the only two trees. Meanwhile, two young women scurry to pull together an improvised "tent" of black plastic trash bags while trying to keep a small girl dry in her fuzzy footsie pajamas. They select the top step of the plaza, against the wall of a closed building. Rain runs off the roof onto their shelter, collapsing it. Nearby, under the narrow archway of the building, a young couple sit in physical exhaustion, ...