Rachel Cohen

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Ponds, lakes, oceans, pools: Baptism around the world

RICHMOND, Va. (BP) -- A number of years ago, a man named Philip had an encounter with an official from Africa. After Philip shared the Gospel with him, the official believed in Christ and desired to be baptized. The two men came to the only body of water at their disposal -- presumably a stream or pond -- and the official was baptized in front of an audience of One. In 21st-century America, baptisms often look quite different. Although the outward demonstration of faith is the same, many are immersed in a baptistery situated at the front of our church, maybe even in heated water.

Dinner with a former jihadi, a new view of missions

RICHMOND (BP) -- Growing up in post 9/11 America, I believed no greater enemy existed than a terrorist waging war on the Western world. So you might imagine how, um, surprised and paralyzed I felt when I found myself in South Asia eating dinner with a jihadi. Well, he used to be.