Rebecca Hagelin

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FIRST-PERSON: Help your kids learn real, not invented, history

In the face of gay history being taught in California schools and real American history being watered down in some schools, columnist Rebecca Hagelin gives tips on parents teaching their children history.

FIRST-PERSON: Genderless children & the real culture war

The controversy over a "genderless" baby in Canada is a peek into the real cultural war beneath the same-sex "marriage" debate, says columnist Rebecca Hagelin.

FIRST-PERSON: When video games cross the line

It's time for parents to pay attention to video game content, columnist Rebecca Hagelin writes. She tells how one local "family fun" center had a video game showcasing men hitting women.

FIRST-PERSON: ‘Eggsploitation’ on college campuses

ARLINGTON, Va. (BP)--Jennifer Lahl is a kind, deeply caring woman.

FIRST-PERSON: Saving your family from selfishness

ARLINGTON, Va. (BP)--"I'm afraid they're becoming really selfish," my friend said.

FIRST-PERSON: Smart parents monitor smart phones

ARLINGTON, Va. (BP)--My children and I love texting.       It's an instantaneous way to keep in touch and share moments that otherwise might be missed.

FIRST-PERSON: Chaos in the school classroom

ARLINGTON, Va. (BP)--Two veteran public school teachers "lost it" last month over student misbehavior....

FIRST-PERSON: Saving your family from a noisy world

ARLINGTON, Va. (BP)--Two recent conversations reminded me how an abundance of techno noise in a child's life can lead to boredom and emptiness.

FIRST-PERSON (Rebecca Hagelin): Saving your family from music porn

ARLINGTON, Va. (BP)--Nearly every 12 year-old knows Rihanna, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.       Do you?

FIRST-PERSON: Become a media-wise parent

ARLINGTON, Va. (BP)--A friend of mine recently hosted a summer barbecue with two close friends and their families.