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Rolan Way

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WEEK OF PRAYER: Bringing hope to Syrian refugees

MIDDLE EAST (BP) -- Christian worker Peter Matheson* is working to bring hope to refugees. But the ongoing crisis has taken a toll on the many he serves -- and on him personally -- as he ministers in the midst of tremendous suffering. Syrian and Iraqi refugees have become victims of a rebellion being fought against the Syrian regime and brutality caused by the self-proclaimed terrorist group ISIS and other Islamic extremists.

Ministering to Syrian Refugees in the ‘Danger Zone’

We are headed to a small town—I would tell you the exact location but can’t for security reasons. The plan is to interact with workers we support and local partners working with families who have fled their homes.

Pastors see need amid culture of ritual sacrifice

SOUTH ASIA (BP) -- A group of Southern Baptist pastors squeezed their way into a small area with crowds of Hindu faithful to watch the ritual slaughter of goats at the Kali temple in Kolkata, India. Those with cameras were swatted with batons by temple security guards adamant the group not capture images of the beheadings.

In Asia, Wright sees breakthrough to unreached

SOUTHEAST ASIA (BP) — Headlights pierce the darkness of this Southeast Asian village as a Toyota truck bounces along the dirt path. American pastors have hiked for hours down the side of a mountain in extreme heat and humidity to reach the village. One of the pastors is suffering from dehydration, and the truck has […]