Steve Lemke

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FIRST-PERSON: Why we serve the poor (one church’s uplifting story)

What can one church do to meet the needs of the poor and the outcast in a community? In New Orleans, the answer is "a lot," says columnist and seminary provost Steve Lemke.

WHOSOEVER WILL: A Baptist’s perspective on irresistible grace

NEW ORLEANS (BP)–Many Baptists, when asked about the five points of Calvinism, characterize themselves as two or three point Calvinists, and almost invariably the two doctrines that Baptists deny are limited atonement and irresistible grace. Why do most Baptists deny irresistible grace? At the Synod of Dort, which framed the doctrines summarized in the T.U.L.I.P. […]

FIRST-PERSON: Michael Jackson & Mrs. Burns

NEW ORLEANS (BP)--The tragic death of Michael Jackson has brought a frenzy of media attention.