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Baptists swing into action after deadly tornadoes

JACKSON, Miss. (BP) – Mississippi Baptist Disaster Relief (MBDR) volunteers are responding in multiple locations after a series of massive tornadoes was spawned by a super cell weather system that moved through the state on the evening of March 24. The number of fatalities statewide is estimated at 26.

Miss. Baptists allocate CP gifts, elect officers

JACKSON, Miss (BP) -- Mississippi Baptist Convention (MBC) messengers elected by acclamation Mark Vincent, senior pastor of Clarke-Venable Baptist Church in Decatur, to a second term as president during the MBC 2018 annual meeting. Messengers also approved without dissent a 2019 Mississippi Cooperative Program budget of $31,051,526, down 1.1 percent from the 2018 CP budget. Despite the slight decline, Mississippi Baptists will forward 37.9 percent of CP gifts, $11,799,579, to the Southern Baptist Convention for national and international causes, compared to 37.7 percent of receipts forwarded in 2018.

FIRST-PERSON: The gauntlet thrown

Mississippi editor William Perkins urges Baptists to rise to the challenge posed by the Human Rights Campaign's media initiative in the state to normalize homosexuality.

FIRST-PERSON: Marketing alcohol to the underage

JACKSON, Miss. (BP)--The time has long passed when a person could intelligently argue that alcohol advertising and marketing in the U.S. are not really aimed at young people.

FIRST-PERSON: Abortion, crashing into the truth (again)

JACKSON, Miss. (BP)--Among the many fatuous arguments promulgated by the pro-death, pro-abortion political lobby is that the vast majority of “fetuses” (babies to you and me) killed in abortions each year could not have survived outside their mother’s wombs anyway, so what’s the big deal?

FIRST-PERSON: Mel Gibson’s end-around

JACKSON, Miss. (BP)--“I just can’t believe it!” said one movie mogul to the other Hollywood big shots assembled in his office for the crisis meeting. “I thought Mel Gibson was one of us. Didn’t you think so, too? Why, we feted him and put him on a pedestal and gave him every possible award. We made him! Then he goes out without our permission and creates this, uh, what’s the name? Oh, yeah, The Passion of the Christ movie. How could he do this to us?”