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Issue: SBC Life - Fall 2022

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As Church Staffs Grow, Ministry Leaders Look to the Bible for Titles

For generations of Southern Baptist churches, the term “pastor” had a clear and rarely debated meaning. He was the man who preached on Sundays and led the church throughout the week. But with the rise of mega-churches inside and outside the SBC and the corresponding growth of church staffs, that simplicity has changed.

Churches Declare Their Stance on Pastorship Through Ordination

There may be nuances related to ordination and how it is observed from one church to another, but the qualifications for the pastor role are crystal clear, said a collection of Southern Baptist pastors and leaders.

What Is a Pastor?

Perhaps you’ve heard about the little boy who leaned over after the Sunday sermon to tell his mother, “I’ve decided to become a pastor when I grow up.”