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Issue: SBC Life - Summer 2017

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Care for Children

Standing Together: Children’s Homes Minister in Jesus’ Name by Kyle Luke and Jim Edminson; A Coalition Of Care for Children by David Melber.

Adjusting to the Changing Face of Nashville

Frank S. Page answers questions related to recommendations from the Executive Committee about the potential future sale of the SBC Building in Nashville.

2011 Affirmation of Unity and Cooperation

A pledge from the 2011 SBC annual meeting to “walk in unity as brothers and sisters in Christ.”

EC Young Leaders Advisory Council Seeks Input

The “2017 SBC EC Young Leaders Advisory Council Survey” is one of the tools the Executive Committee Young Leaders Advisory Council is using to find ways to deepen the involvement of millennial pastors and church leaders in the total life of the Southern Baptist Convention.

God’s Creative Glory on Display in Arizona

See God's glory on display in these beautiful natural features throughout Arizona.

Do You Believe?

Since believing is the work God has called us to, how well are we doing our job?

My Prayer for the SBC: Health, Harmony, and Wholeness

If we hope to make an impact on the vast lostness across our nation and around the world, we must continually reclaim the principle of respect in our dealings with others.

Executive Committee Enlists ‘Young Leader’ CP Catalysts

Four key Southern Baptist pastors will be casting vision for the Cooperative Program in different regions of the country as part of the “young leaders” initiative of the SBC Executive Committee.

Is the Cooperative Program Needed Anymore?

Is the Cooperative Program still relevant today?

Putting Your ‘Yes’ on the Table, and Keeping it There

After some months of seeking the Lord, Charles and Stefanie put their “Yes on the table” and began asking the Lord to guide them to where He wanted them to plant a church.