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Issue: SBC Life - Summer 2019

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WMU—True and Loyal

We are true and loyal helpers to our denomination, committed to making Christ known among the nations.

Because We Love You

“When we get old, God looks after us and takes care of us and not just in the big things. It’s also in the small ways that we don’t always realize.”

My Prayer for the SBC

Last year, after accepting the nomination for presidency of the SBC, I laid out my prayers for our Convention. One year in, as we assemble for our annual meeting in Birmingham, I am just as excited to see God moving in every one of these areas.

Shades Sets Goals

Cascading goals at Shades Mountain Baptist Church in greater Birmingham have coalesced into what has become a redemptive river of Gospel missions.

Creating a Culture of Unity and Love

There is nothing more powerful than the words of Jesus Christ: LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

Sixth Avenue Baptist Church: A Light to the Community, Nation, and World

Sixth Avenue Baptist Church, the largest black church in Birmingham, is known for its historic and contemporary influence in the greater Birmingham area.

Greear Summarizes Demographic Make-Up of Committees He Appointed

I am pleased to announce this outstanding group of Southern Baptists.

Birmingham Metro Baptist Association

At the same time Birmingham Metro Baptist Association has been developing racial inclusion, it’s been expanding the ministries of the 126 churches under its fellowship umbrella.

‘Who’s Your One?’ Emphasis Launched

The North American Mission Board launched the Who’s Your One? evangelism initiative on February 26 as part of an effort to encourage Southern Baptists to engage people with Gospel conversations throughout the year.

Ten-Year-Old Advances SBC Ministry Day

The EC voted to recommend the addition of Children’s Ministry Day to the SBC calendar, requested by ten-year-old Zak McCullar.