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11 books released in May by Broadman & Holman Publishers

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Southern Baptist Convention President James Merritt and prayer warrior T.W. Hunt are among the slate of Broadman & Holman authors with books releasing in May. Broadman & Holman is the trade publishing division of LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention.

B&H is releasing 11 books in the categories of general nonfiction, fiction and children this month.

General nonfiction:

— “How to be a Winner and Influence Anybody” by James Merritt, current president of the Southern Baptist Convention, teaches that character in leadership is found in the fruit of the Spirit. This book looks to Jesus as the perfect role model of leadership, as his life reflects fully inner peace and joy.

— “From Heaven’s View” by father and daughter T.W. Hunt and Melana Hunt Monroe is a book about how life looks different from the viewpoint of eternity. The authors write about what God has taught them about dealing with adversity and how trying to see the world through God’s eyes will bring tranquility, contentment and understanding.

— “Uncovering the Bible’s Greatest Mysteries” by Alton Gansky explores the Bible and its mysterious objects, fascinating people and unusual places. The book features tales of the Ark of the Covenant, the Nehushtan, fire from heaven, Leviathan and other strange, yet intriguing mysteries.

— “We Can Work It Out” by Rodney Gage offers insight into the causes and effects of parent/teen conflict and provides the biblical steps toward achieving a creative conflict resolution. The author believes that instead of handling conflict in ways that ultimately strengthen parent-teen bonds, many parents and teens allow conflict to sabotage their relationships, which leads to more conflict.

— “The Way Back Home” by Jerry Sutton, pastor of Two Rivers Baptist Church, Nashville, Tenn., uses the parable of the prodigal son as a guide to restoration with the Lord.

— “Prison Ministry: Understanding Prison Culture Inside and Out” by Lennie Spitale will help pastors, educators and lay leaders lead effective prison ministries. The author offers a unique vantage for writing about prison culture and ministry because as a young man he served a prison sentence for assault and robbery. Two years after becoming a Christian, Spitale began conducting a Bible study in his local jail.

— “Designer Universe” by Jimmy H. Davis and Harry L. Poe features scientific discoveries of the 20th century that have opened the door for a renewed look at how theories of intelligent design prove the existence of God. The authors write about the different approaches to the intelligent design argument and assess the criticism of intelligent design theories.


— “The Darwin Conspiracy” by James Scott Bell is a novel that draws the reader in to reveal the inadequacies of Darwinism as a scientific theory and its inexplicable influence over the scientific world and media.


— “Secretly Do Good Deeds” and “Show Each Other Forgiveness” by Melody Carlson are books three and four in the “Just Like Jesus Said” series. Carlson presents children with typical situations they may face each day and illustrates what Jesus would have said or done.


— The “Holman Old Testament Commentary Series” introduces Volume 15, “Isaiah.” This commentary, written by Trent Butler and edited by Max Anders, gives linguistic and historical insights to the book of Isaiah.

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