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$2 bills, ‘buycott’ to show homosexual support of Disney

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Seeking to mount a counteroffensive to the boycott of The Disney Company by religious groups displeased with the company’s “anti-family” and “anti-Christian” drift, leaders in the homosexual community have announced plans for a nationwide “buycott” targeting Florida’s Walt Disney World and Disney stores nationwide June 6.
Calling the campaign, “Stand Our Ground,” the official Internet site of the Disney Gay Day event urges homosexuals to purchase Disney merchandise to demonstrate their support for Disney’s stand against “the reprehensible behavior” of organizations targeting the entertainment giant.
Participants in the “buycott” are urged to make their purchases using $2 bills so that “at the end of the day, the Walt Disney Company will be directly counting your support.” The Internet site calls the $2 bill “the closest thing to gay money ever produced by the Federal Reserve.”
The homosexual group said it is important for Disney to know who is supporting them, criticizing Disney’s vocal foes for trying to “intrude on our right as gay men and lesbians to enjoy the same rights and privileges they would hold for themselves exclusively.”
The Internet site notes Disney’s “family friendly policies are good for business.” The corporation’s decision to extend health benefits to the domestic partners of homosexual employees was a key factor in the decision by messengers to the 1997 Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting in Dallas and many other conservative groups to call for economic action against Disney.
The American Family Association is urging those concerned about the Disney company to respond to the homosexual group’s planned “buycott” to contact Disney stores in their area to let the store’s management know they are no longer patronizing the company’s stores. The Tupelo, Miss.,-based AFA was one of the earliest organizations to call for a Disney boycott.
“Since the inception of the boycott, virtually all our complaints have been directed toward Disney chairman Michael Eisner,” wrote AFA President Donald Wildmon in a letter to the SBC’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission. “I think it’s time to direct some concern toward a Disney subsidiary that is close to home for many of our constituents.”
Appearing on a recent edition of “For Faith & Family,” the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission’s daily radio program, Wildmon told ERLC head Richard Land the quickest way to get Disney’s attention is through their pocketbook, citing the cancellation of “Ellen,” an ABC/Disney sitcom that faltered after a year of falling ratings.
Wildmon said the phone-calling effort would remind company representatives on a local level “that many of the dollars they are losing come from local pocketbooks.”
Land said there is only one other group besides Christians who understand what is at stake in the struggle centering on The Disney Company: “The homosexual community understands the emotive power of Disney. They understand the value of wrapping themselves in the images of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and they understand what a boycott means.”
A listing of Disney Stores is posted at www.erlc.com, the Internet site of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission. Disney Store Guest Relations can be reached at 1-800-247-8996.
When messengers to last year’s SBC annual meeting approved the resolution calling for punitive economic action against Disney and other companies that “promote immoral ideologies,” homosexual advocacy groups responded by buying Disney-themed toys and donating them to hospitals and other children’s organizations.

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