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28-year-old co-anchor upholds sexual abstinence ’til marriage

OKLAHOMA CITY (BP)–Kirsten McIntyre, co-anchor for KOKH Fox 25 television in Oklahoma City, came close to “caving in” in junior high school.

McIntyre, 28, the youngest co-anchor in the Oklahoma City market, lost a boyfriend considered the “hottest guy” in her school. She refused his sexual advances, sticking with the biblical principles of sexual purity she learned at home while growing up in Burns Flat, Okla.

So, the boyfriend broke up with her, McIntyre recounted, admitting it was quite a difficult time in her young life.

McIntyre, a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University who remains single, told teens at a “True Love Waits” banquet at First Baptist Church, Amber, Okla., there was no such program when she grew up calling youth to a commitment to God and to their future mate of sexual abstinence until marriage.

McIntyre continued: “Remember, girls, the guy may tell you he won’t get you pregnant, but I know of many times when it hasn’t worked out that way.

“You see, girls, when a guy tells you that, don’t believe it.”

McIntyre exhorted the guys at the banquet to treat their girlfriends the way they would want their sisters treated. A guy should never touch a girl in an inappropriate way, she said.

She challenged the youth to never put themselves in situations where they might possibly fall, like parking and being alone for extended periods of time.

“Set your boundaries and stick with them,” McIntyre said. “No matter what, stick with them. I’ve done that and I’m determined to stay with it.

“There is too much baggage in life already without adding more baggage through sexual activity. You are too young to have to deal with the consequence of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.”

But to those who have caved in to the pressure, McIntyre emphasized it’s never too late to make the TLW commitment. “If you’ve already messed up, God’s grace is so huge, he will forgive you for that,” she said. “Make a commitment from here on out to be sexually pure.

“Begin praying now for the person you will marry,” McIntyre said. “That’s a God thing.

“Then when God leads you to ‘Mr. or Miss Right,’ get on your knees and thank him for that person,” she said. “If you find the true love of your life, just be thankful.”

Speaking of her job at Fox, McIntyre said “it’s a God thing” to be Oklahoma City’s youngest co-anchor. “I realized when given the job at Fox 25 that the Scripture is true that says ‘with God all things are possible,'” she said.

“If I were to design the dream job, I wouldn’t have thought of me doing what I am doing now.

“It’s too big. It’s humanly impossible,” McIntyre said. But at the same time, “it proves that God is working in my life.”
Childers is director of communications and public relations of the Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma.

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