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3 candidates pledge to enforce obscenity law

WASHINGTON (BP) — Three Republicans presidential candidates have pledged to enforce federal obscenity laws if they are elected.

Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich have each told Morality in Media (MIM) his administration would prosecute violations of the bans on hardcore pornography, the anti-porn organization reported Monday (Jan. 9). None of the other GOP candidates or President Obama has responded to efforts initiated by MIM in October to learn their positions on the issue.

MIM has chided Obama for his administration’s failure to enforce obscenity laws.

“Vigorous prosecution of those who violate our nation’s obscenity laws is critical now. Our nation is suffering a pandemic of harm from pornography that is readily available — even to children on the Internet and in other venues,” MIM President Patrick Trueman said in a written statement.

“Addiction among adults and even children is now widespread. Pornography is a common cause of the destruction of marriage. It leads to misogyny and violence against women and is a contributing factor in sexual trafficking.”

MIM said Americans may continue to encourage the candidates, if elected, to agree to enforce obscenity laws by contacting them at www.waronillegalpornography.com/candidates.
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