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7/30/97 ‘The book,’ co-workers bring China native to saving faith

DAVIS, Calif. (BP)–Years before Runlai Guo set foot in this country, he entertained American professors visiting China.
“Several were Christians,” Guo said. “One gave me a small Bible and told me that what made his life happy was discussing this book with his wife.” Guo tucked that thought in the back of his mind.
Guo, who holds a master’s degree in biophysics and a doctorate in soil science, develops computer programs to evaluate and manage agricultural resources. One system he developed in the 1980s brought about a significant increase in cotton yield for a large area of northern China. Guo also develops software for agricultural research.
He came to the United States as a visiting professor/post doctoral researcher to share information, first with researchers at several institutions. Currently he is finishing up a project at the University of California at Davis.
“After I came to this country, I did not think about religion or Christianity,” Guo said. “But I did think about the book. When my wife came to the United States, she brought the book to me.”
Working among Christians in the university laboratories sparked Guo’s interest in the Christian faith. When he moved to Davis, he discovered his apartment was near First Southern Baptist Church. One day when he was in the area, Guo heard music and noticed a celebration at the church. A church member invited him to join in. “From that time,” he said, “I began to study my Bible and think about this. After several months of consideration, I went to the church and talked to other Christians.”
From his own experience, Guo knew a person could have several academic degrees, a good income and a wonderful family. “But none of this can save me from suffering from sin. I began to think about God and how he wanted to save us from sin and how he sent Jesus Christ to be our Savior. After three or four months, I made a decision to accept Jesus Christ.” Within a few weeks, Guo’s wife became a Christian.
As he completes work on a new system being developed at the university’s department of agronomy and range sciences, Guo is looking to his next assignment. Wherever he goes next, he takes comfort in “the peace, joy and happiness in my heart.”

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