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9-year-old accepts Christ from Sunday school quarterly


PELHAM, Ala. (BP)–A 9-year-old boy whose father died of cancer two years ago became a Christian on Father’s Day 1999 after reading the plan of salvation in his Sunday school quarterly.
Mike Shaw, pastor of First Baptist Church, Pelham, Ala., noted Father’s Day is a bittersweet Sunday for Cody Boss and his mother, Jan.
Nevertheless, they attended the worship service June 19 as the role of fathers was highlighted. During the service, Cody was thumbing through his Sunday school quarterly when he came to the plan of salvation. At the end of the service, he told his mother he had read the material and prayed the prayer asking Jesus to come into his heart.
“Is it OK if I prayed with my eyes open?” Cody asked his mom, explaining he had to keep his eyes open to read the prayer.
“God is just so good,” Shaw said. “For Cody to get saved on Father’s Day made this extra-special.”