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Academics, athletics emphasized in developing God-given talents

ORLANDO, Fla. (BP)–Both academic excellence and athletic skills are important vehicles for successful kingdom education at The First Academy, a ministry of First Baptist Church of Orlando, Fla.
According to information provided prospective students and parents in “The First Academy, An Overview,” the academy’s academic program is designed to promote the development of knowledge, wisdom and critical thinking skills.
The Upper School (grades 6-12) is strongly academic, with each student required to take English, mathematics, science, history and Bible each year. Two years of foreign language and computer application skills are also required. The Upper School requires computer application comprehensives while also offering opportunities in beginning and advanced programming.
Courses are offered at three levels: grade level, honors level and advanced level in all academic areas.
The Lower School has a strong computational math base supplemented by application and problem-solving opportunities. Kindergarten through third grade classrooms have computer centers and fourth and fifth grade classrooms have easy access to a computer lab.
The academy recognizes the importance of all facets of language arts. Development of individual talents is furthered through attention to cultural arts. Music classes, chorus, ensembles and band allow students to develop music appreciation, vocal technique, and performance expertise. Student artists are recognized and encouraged through classes, art tours, and set design for drama and musical productions. In addition to classroom performances, the academy’s “An Evening at the Arts” programs spotlight TFA artists, music, and drama departments.
Athletics is another means to accommodate God-given talents. The athletic department encompasses the physical education classes and after-school extracurricular sports. The kindergarten through sixth grade program includes soccer, basketball, T-ball, girls volleyball, miler club (for runners), and jump rope club. The Middle School and High School interscholastic program includes football, cross country, swimming, diving, volleyball, soccer, basketball, track and field, baseball, softball, tennis, golf, and cheerleading.
Accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools provides verification of academic goals set and achieved.
Inquiries about specific facets of The First Academy may be directed to Luanne Lumpkins, administrative assistant to the headmaster, Ed Gamble, for referral to the appropriate person for response. She may be contacted at (407) 206-8601, or by email at [email protected].

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