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Adults advised to strategize, not scold strong-willed children

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–What should you teach babies?
The leaflet, “Do Babies Matter?” produced by the preschool Sunday school ministry department at LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention, suggests teaching these foundational truths as building blocks for all other spiritual truths:
— Self: God made me. I am a person. I am special. I am growing. I can do many things. I can make choices.
— Church: I see people at church. People at church love me. People at church take care of me. People at church talk and sing about Jesus. I have friends at church.
— Family: I have a family. My family loves me. My family cares for me.
— God: God is a name. God is a person. God loves me.
— Natural world: God made me. God made things I can explore with my senses. God made things I can discover. God made things I can enjoy. God made the plants. God made the animals.
— Others: I am aware of other people. People love me. People take care of my needs.
— Bible: The Bible is a book. The Bible is a special book. I hear about God and Jesus when the Bible is used.
— Jesus: Jesus is a name. Jesus is a person. Jesus was a baby. Jesus had a family. Jesus loves me. Easter is a special day.

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