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A Baptist Press reporting team visited Turkey to see what conditions are like in the wake of the Aug. 17 earthquake and how Southern Baptists are beginning to respond to the witness and ministry needs there. More than 14,000 people — and perhaps as many as 40,000 — have been killed, 43,873 injured, with damage to nearly 18,000 buildings. An estimated 200,000 people are homeless. Four photos (all horizontals) are being posted today at www.sbc.net, with a package of articles to follow by week’s end.

Concerning the BP story, “Baptist of bishop, priests sets off persecution, revival,” dated 8/12/99, questions have been raised about the accuracy of certain aspects of the article. While missionaries affirm the essential accuracy of the article, until those questions have been resolved, we think it is wise not to publish it — or extend the circulation beyond what it already has received. When BP’s international bureau is able to resolve the questions raised, we will advise you.

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