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Alaskan Baptists’ budget tops $1.75 million for 2000

WASILLA, Alaska (BP)–Far North found common group with Deep South at the annual meeting of the Alaska Baptist Convention, when music was provided to 154 messengers from Alaskan Baptist churches by the Georgia Baptist Convention’s Sons of Jubal men’s choral group.
Messengers representing the convention’s 68 churches and 25 missions approved a year-2000 budget of $1,754,823, a $31,597 increase over the current budget. Cooperative Program giving of $586,000 from Alaskan Baptists is anticipated in the budget, which will continue to allocate 33 percent of CP receipts to Southern Baptist Convention causes at home and abroad.
Marvin Owen, pastor of First Baptist Church, Anchorage, was elected convention president, having served the past two years as first vice president. The new first vice president is Denver Copeland, pastor of North Kenai Baptist Church, Nikiski, while Georgie Owen, pastor’s wife from Sunset Hills Baptist Church, Anchorage, was elected as second vice president for a second term.
“Celebrate Jesus 2000: Alaskans Reaching Alaska” was the theme of the convention, held at First Baptist Church, Wasilla, Aug. 10-11.
The Alaska convention will begin a three-year partnership with North Carolina Baptists in January 2000, after concluding a three-year partnership with the Georgia Baptist Convention. Alaskan Baptists also are in the second year of a three-year partnership with Far East Russia.
Next year’s annual meeting will be Aug. 8-9 at Rabbit Creek Community Church, Anchorage.