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All NAMB positions listed for 350-employee structure

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–All 350 positions in the new North American Mission Board have been identified, including an administrative group of 16 people led by the president, in a release March 20 by the Implementation Task Force.

No names are attached to the slots as yet, as the ITF said the process is continuing of terminating some employees and recommending others from the three merged agencies — Home Mission Board, Radio and Television Commission and Brotherhood Commission. The ITF is a 10-member committee appointed by the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee to assist SBC agencies affected by the denominational restructuring.

“This process which began some weeks ago will accelerate as the June 19 merger date approaches,” said David Hankins, vice president for convention policy for the SBC Executive Committee and chairman of the NAMB Transition Communications Committee. “There had been some concern that people were being let go at the RTVC and Brotherhood Commission but not at the Home Mission Board. However, ITF has approved the process which allows current management to give notice of terminations to various employees who will not have a job in NAMB.”

Hankins said all employees who are terminated will be given a minimum 30-day notice and will receive a severance as outlined in previous ITF news releases. About 150 employees from the three affected agencies will be severed, retire or seek employment elsewhere in order to accommodate the 350-total employment positions when NAMB begins at its Alpharetta, Ga., offices.

NAMB is the new missions agency created by the merger of the three agencies, with June 19 the effective date of operation immediately following the annual meeting of the SBC in Dallas June 17-19. NAMB is a key part of the SBC restructuring, called “Covenant for a New Century,” which reduces the number of convention entities from 19 to 12.

NAMB will be led by a 16-person administrative group with Robert E. “Bob” Reccord, 45, former ITF chairman and pastor of First Baptist Church, Norfolk, Va., as the expected nominee for president.

Technically, no positions are available at NAMB until June 19 when the trustees elected by the convention convene and approve a charter and other legal items. The trustees then will vote to elect a president, and upon his recommendations, other officers, such as the five group vice presidents and 21 division directors.

Included in the administrative group are: president and executive assistant, executive vice president and administrative assistant, a special assistant to the president and an administrative assistant, and five vice presidents and their five administrative assistants.

Although there are some possible revisions to the matrix process model of organization for NAMB, the tentative model includes:

Evangelization Group — Four Divisions:

— Direct Evangelism (20 full-time equivalent positions): director, administrative secretary; interfaith witness manager, three associates, two secretaries; evangelism events manager, two associates, two decision counselors, two secretaries; soul-winning evangelism manager, two associates, and two secretaries.

— Campus Evangelism (3): a director, administrative secretary, and associate.

— Church Evangelism (15): director and administrative assistant; family evangelism manager, two associates, two secretaries; spiritual renewal leadership manager, a laity renewal associate, a prayer associate, two secretaries; multi-cultural consultants manager, an associate, and secretary.

— Ministry Evangelism (18): director and administrative secretary; chaplaincy manager, two associates, two secretaries; special ministries manager, two associates, Alternatives to Abortion ministry director, three secretaries; immigration ministries manager; Baptist centers manager, an associate, and secretary.

Church Planting Group — Three Divisions:

— Leadership Enlistment and Training (5): director and administrative secretary, two associates, and secretary.

— Strategy and Resource Development (5): director and administrative secretary; missiologist; partnership and site selection manager, and secretary.

— New Congregation Implementation (16): director and administrative secretary; three Anglo church planting associates; two Asian church planting associates; two Hispanic church planting associates; two African American church planting associates; one other ethnic/language church planting associate; and four secretaries.

Media and Missions Education Group — Five Divisions:

— Public Relations (6): director and administrative assistant; promotion specialist; two news and information specialists; and secretary.

— Publishing (16): director and administrative assistant; editorial manager, two associates, secretary, five graphic designers, imaging services associate and production coordinator; photography manager/special assignment photographer, an associate, and photo librarian.

— Mission Education (25): director and administrative secretary; missions education organizations manager; children’s mission education strategist, an editor, two editorial assistants; youth mission education strategist, an editor and editorial assistant; adult mission education strategist, an editor and editorial assistant; two missions organization secretaries; missions opportunities/events manager, an associate and secretary; missions development manager and secretary; publications editor/manager, editorial assistant, design editor, editorial assistant, and secretary.

— Media Strategy (5): director (content specialist), media strategist-church planting, media strategist-evangelization, multimedia strategist/designer/programmer, and webmaster.

— Media Technology (70): director, administrative secretary, hostess/assistant, mail services coordinator, plant operations maintenance specialist and receptionist; television and video service director, secretary/production assistant, assistant to producers, graphics creator, production manager/producer, producer/Home Life, associate producer, production assistant, producer-COPE, part-time production assistant, producer-Country Crossroads, producer-Network specialist/other, producer-video magazine/other, producer- training/ministry support, staff production assistant/make-up, staff production assistant/camera, audio-specialist/field-post production, editor/generalist, studio operations manager/director, studio director, audio director, utility/lighting, utility/video shader, utility/tape dubbing, editor, engineering manager/chief engineer, part-time secretary/assistant, three broadcast engineers, maintenance engineer.

Also master control manager, two operators, two part-time operators; radio and audio service manager, two producers, two associate producers, distribution coordinator/database manager; radio and television distribution manager, secretary/assistant, program acquisition/development manager, affiliate relations manager, associate and secretary; traffic and programming manager, assistant manager, traffic coordinator, traffic specialist, two programming specialists, timing/content specialist, on-air promotions manager, conforming manager, associate; program marketing manager/new distribution, TV and IBC marketing, radio marketing and secretary; Time-Rite manager general sales manager, secretary/assistant, national sales manager, and sales associate.

Strategic Planning and Mobilization Group — Four Divisions:

— Strategic Planning Coordination and Research (14): director and administrative secretary; regional coordination manager, two regional coordinators, two secretaries; general research manager, secretary/research assistant, strategic information researcher, ministries researcher, marketing researcher, information specialist, and mapping/graphic specialist.

— Associational Strategy (6.5): director and administrative secretary; town and country planning coordinator, associate; metro associations planning coordinator, associate, and part-time secretary.

— Strategic Focus Cities (5.5): director and administrative secretary; mega-association planning coordinator, two associates and part-time secretary.

— Volunteer Mobilization (18): director and administrative secretary; adult volunteer mobilization manager, four associates, three secretaries; youth volunteer mobilization manager, four associates and three secretaries.

Business Services Group — Five Divisions:

— Finance and Accounting (30): director/controller and administrative secretary/financial clerk; accounting manager, senior accountant, state remittance accountant, accounting clerk (Caribbean), four accounts payable clerks, accounts receivable clerk, payroll accountant; financial reporting manager, senior accountant, activity- based accountant, financial analyst; budget manager, senior accountant; plant operations manager, receptionist, maintenance and grounds specialist, maintenance specialist, conference/facilities coordinator, mail clerk, shipping clerk; purchasing manager, associate; real estate manager, and secretary.

— Human Resources (16): director and administrative secretary; employment services manager, personnel specialist; employee benefits manager, benefits specialist, annuity specialist, two secretaries; training manager, assistant; missionary personnel manager, two associates, and two secretaries.

— Information Service (19): director and administrative/department secretary; archivist/librarian; help desk/support specialist; computer support manager, network services specialist, telecommunications specialist, two support specialists; software support manager, three database developers, three programmer/analysts, hardware/network specialist (Fort Worth), software support/help desk (Fort Worth); and Internet technician.

— Church Loans (17): director and administrative secretary; loan production manager/loan officer, three loan officers, three loan processors; loan administrative manager, servicing secretary, two loan closing specialists, insurance-tax specialist/clerk, real estate owned specialist, collections associate, and financial analyst.

— Marketing Services (4): director and administrative/department secretary; marketing manager/inventory control, and bookstore/scripture distribution associate.

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