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Arab man dreams about becoming a Christian

RICHMOND, Va. (BP)–Some people dream about becoming a Christian. Literally.

In one country in North Africa where missionaries are unwelcome, an Arab man dreamed he was in a boat on a river. In his arms he held books on his Islamic religion. He dreamed that Jesus came to the boat, walking on the water. Jesus gave him a book, saying, “Read this. It is the Book of Life.” The man dreamed he threw his Islamic books in the river and accepted the book from Jesus.

The next day, when the man told his Muslim teacher about the dream, the teacher warned him that Christianity was dangerous and he should ignore the dream.

That night, however, the same dream returned.

Puzzled and deeply disturbed, the man went to his job, selling cigarettes from a streetside stand. He noticed a stranger next to him at a stand that sold cigarette lighters. The stranger was reading a book.

When he learned the book was a Christian Bible, he asked the stranger where he could get one for himself, since Bibles are very hard to find in his country. The stranger gave him the copy he was reading.

Though he never saw the stranger after that day, the man continued to read the Bible. After several months of pondering the teachings of Jesus and the cost of becoming a disciple, he gave his heart to Christ.

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