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At least 26 Southern Baptists gain re-election to U.S. House

WASHINGTON (BP)–All Southern Baptists in the U.S. House of Representatives seeking re-election regained their seats in voting Nov. 3.
Among the at least 26 Southern Baptists returned to office were Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and House minority leader Richard Gephardt.
No Southern Baptists sought re-election in the Senate. Wendell Ford, a Southern Baptist who has served as a senator from Kentucky for 24 years, retired rather than seek re-election.
In the House, Bill Hefner, who was first elected as a congressman from North Carolina in 1974, was the lone Southern Baptist to retire.
In gubernatorial races involving Southern Baptists, Ark. Gov. Mike Huckabee, former pastor and president of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention and a member of Little Rock’s Church at Rock Creek, won election for a first full term over Democratic challenger Bill Bristow and Reform Party nominee Keith Carle. Huckabee received 381,178 votes; Bristow, 249,918; and Carle, 10,277, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Nov. 4.
In South Carolina, Gov. David Beasley, a member of Columbia’s Shandon Baptist Church, was defeated by Democrat Jim Hodges, while Illinois Democratic nominee Glenn Poshard, a member of Third Baptist Church, Marion, and a congressman, lost to Republican nominee George Ryan.
Here is a list, as obtained by Baptist Press, of members of Southern Baptist churches who sought re-election to the House. The church cited for each representative is the one where he holds membership, according to information provided by the current or former church, or the congressional office. (Note: Vote totals are from USA Today as of 11:30 a.m. Eastern time Nov. 4. In all but five races, 100 percent of the precincts had reported. In those exceptions, 95 to 99 percent of the precincts had reported.)
Rep. Terry Everett, Republican, Second District, member of First Baptist Church (hereafter, Baptist Church will be abbreviated as BC), Enterprise, seeking fourth term, defeated Joe Fondren, Democrat, 131,216-58,075, 69-31 percent.
Rep. Bob Riley, R., Third District, member of First BC, Ashland, seeking second term, defeated Joe Turnham, D., 101,490-73,296, 58-42 percent.
Rep. Spencer Bachus, R., Sixth District, member of Hunter Street Baptist Church, Hoover, seeking fourth term, defeated Donna Wesson Smalley, D., 145,270-57,448, 72-28 percent.
Rep. J.D. Hayworth, R., Sixth District, member of North Phoenix BC, Phoenix, seeking third term, defeated Steve Owens, D., and Robert Anderson, Libertarian, 96,047-81,944-6,090, 52-45-3 percent, respectively.
Rep. Asa Hutchinson, R., Third District, member of First BC, Fort Smith, seeking second term, defeated Ralph Forbes, Reform, 154,592-36,850, 81-19 percent.
Rep. Joe Scarborough, R., First District, member of First BC, Pensacola, seeking third term, won without opposition.
Rep. Newt Gingrich, R., Sixth District, member of NorthStar Church, Kennesaw, speaker of the House, seeking 11th term, defeated Gary Pelphrey, D., 159,185-66,630, 70-30 percent.
Rep. Nathan Deal, R., Ninth District, member of First BC, Gainesville, seeking fourth term, won without opposition.
Rep. Ron Lewis, R., Second District, member of While Mills BC, White Mills, seeking third full term, defeated Bob Evans, D., and Jim Ketchel, Reform, 112,681-62,508-1,819, 64-35-1 percent, respectively.
Rep. Harold Rogers, R., Fifth District, member of First BC, Somerset, seeking 10th term, defeated Sidney Bailey-Bamer, D., 140,979-39,400, 78-22 percent.
Rep. Steny Hoyer, D., Fifth District, member of Broadview BC, Temple Hills, dually aligned with Southern Baptist Convention and American Baptist Churches, seeking ninth full term, defeated Robert Ostrom, R., 123,339-64,637, 66-34 percent.
Rep. Roger Wicker, R., First District, member of First BC, Tupelo, seeking third term, defeated Rex Weathers, D., and Andy Rouse, Reform, 65,761-29,894-2,118, 67-31-2 percent, respectively.
Rep. Charles “Chip” Pickering, R., Third District, member of First BC, Laurel, seeking second term, defeated Charles Scarborough, Libertarian, 81,826-14,401, 85-15 percent.
Rep. Richard Gephardt, D., Third District, member of Third BC, St. Louis, dually aligned with SBC and ABC, House minority leader, seeking 12th term, defeated William Federer, R.; Michael Crist, L., and Joseph Keller, U.S. Taxpayers, 98,281-74,002-2,275-1,532, 56-42-1-1 percent, respectively.
Rep. Roy Blunt, R., Seventh District, member of Second BC, Springfield, seeking second term, defeated Marc Perkel, D., and Mike Harman, L., 129,588-43,389-5,627, 73-24-3 percent, respectively.
North Carolina:
Rep. Charles Taylor, R., 11th District, member of First BC, Brevard, seeking fifth term, defeated David Young, D., and Chris Heckert, L., 100,513-73,675-2,146, 57-42-1 percent, respectively.
Rep. Tom Coburn, R., Second District, member of First BC, Muskogee, seeking third term, defeated Hugh Kent Pharoah, D., and Albert Jones, Independent, 93,114-65,271-4,030, 57-40-2 percent, respectively.
Rep. J.C. Watts, R., Fourth District, member of Bethel BC, Norman, seeking third term, defeated Ben Odom, D., 83,272-52,107, 62-38 percent.
Rep. Frank Lucas, R., Sixth District, member of First BC, Cheyenne, seeking third full term, defeated Paul Barby, D., and Ralph Finkle, I., 84,901-43,555-2,455, 65-33-2 percent, respectively.
South Carolina:
Rep. Lindsey Graham, R., Third District, member of Corinth BC, Seneca, seeking third term, won without opposition.
Rep. William Jenkins, R., First District, member of First BC, Rogersville, seeking second term, defeated Kay White, D., 68,644-30,595, 69-31 percent.
Rep. Zach Wamp, R., Third District, member of Red Bank BC, Chattanooga, seeking third term, defeated James Lewis, D., and Richard Sims, I., 75,863-35,491-3,575, 66-31-3 percent, respectively.
Rep. Max Sandlin, D., First District, member of First BC, Marshall, seeking second term, defeated Dennis Boerner, R., 80,118-54,895, 59-41 percent.
Rep. Jim Turner, D., Second District, member of First BC, Crockett, seeking second term, defeated Brian Babin, R., and Wendell Drye, L., 81,824-57,180-1,150, 58-41-1 percent, respectively.
Rep. Tom DeLay, R., 22nd District, member of First BC, Sugar Land, House majority whip, seeking eighth term, defeated Hill Kemp, D., and Steve Grupe, L., 87,806-45,381-1,492, 65-34-1 percent, respectively.
Rep. Owen Pickett, D., Second District, member of Taylorsville BC, Doswell, seeking seventh term, won without opposition.
Reported by Tom Strode, with Art Toalston contributing.

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