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Babies, kindergarten students focus of LifeWay’s new preschool resources

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–For the first time in almost three decades, LifeWay Christian Resources (formerly the Sunday School Board) is making major changes in its Sunday school curriculum and recommended age groupings for preschoolers.
Though the new materials will not be available until the fall quarter (September-October-November) of 1999, they were introduced to more than 650 church workers attending the Oct. 19-22 National Preschool/Children Convention at LifeWay’s headquarters in downtown Nashville.
Currently, LifeWay offers preschool Sunday school resources for the following age groups: babies and ones, twos and threes, fours and fives, and preschool sixes. The new materials, which provide more focus on babies and kindergarten students, will use these age groups: babies (up to 12 months), ones or twos; threes, fours or pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten or preschool sixes.
The changes affect both curriculum series for preschoolers — Life and Work and Family Bible Series.
New resources in the Life and Work Series will include:
— Babies (up to 12 months): Bible Teaching for Babies Leader’s Pack (includes kit items and teaching guide); Early Bible Steps (parent/pupil magazine); and Music for Babies, 1’s and 2’s (cassette tape).
— Ones or twos: Bible Teaching for 1’s or 2’s (teaching guide); Bible Teaching for 1’s and 2’s Leader’s Pack, Early Bible Steps (parent/pupil magazine); and Music for Babies, 1’s and 2’s (cassette tape).
— Threes, Fours or Pre-Kindergarten: Bible Teaching for 3’s-Pre-K (teaching guide); Bible Teaching for 3’s Leader’s Pack, Bible and Me (parent/pupil magazine); and Music for 3’s-Pre-K (cassette tape).
— Kindergarten or Preschool Sixes: Bible Teaching for Kindergarten (teaching guide); Bible Teaching for Kindergarten Leader’s Pack, Kindergarten Connection (parent/pupil magazine); and Music for Kindergarten (cassette tape).
The parent/pupil magazine will be a four-color magazine that contains family-oriented devotions, enrichment activities, articles for parents, posters and games for Bible learning at home. The weekly take-home pages (32-page insert) can be removed and distributed weekly by the Sunday school teacher.
The leader’s guide will contain unit overviews, Bible study for teachers, teaching procedures, training articles, ministry ideas, and ETC (Extended Teaching Care) teaching plans. Also included will be The Family Matters, a teaching plan for a quarterly parenting seminar.
The leader’s pack (resource kit) will be designed to aid teachers in teaching the Bible to preschoolers. Included will be biblical teaching pictures (one for each Bible story), books, games, Bible markers, present-day pictures and a Plus Pak which contains outreach and ministry items. The Bible Teaching for Babies Leader’s Pack contains reproducible teaching procedures.
The music cassette for each age group will contain songs printed in the leader’s guide, activity songs and “quiet music.”
New resources in the Family Bible Series will include:
— Family Bible Series: Preschool Teacher (teaching guide), plans for birth-kindergarten.
— Family Bible Series: Preschool Teaching Kit (teaching aids).
— Early Bible Steps (parent/pupil magazine for Bible learning at home for birth-twos). Includes weekly tear-out Bible story pages in the center of the magazine.
— Family Bible Series: Preschool Bible Fun (parent/pupil leaflets for Bible learning at home for threes-kindergarten).