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Baptist pastor seeks reunion with wife trapped in Jordan


GAZA CITY, Gaza (BP)–The wife of a Gaza Baptist minister who went to visit her family in Jordan eight months ago cannot return home because Israeli authorities will not issue a visa, according to a report from ASSIST News Service.

Suhad Misaad, the wife of Hana Misaad, has been trapped in Jordan since October 2001. Misaad, a Kuwaiti-born Palestinian, had traveled to Jordan to visit family members.

Security has been extremely tight in and around Gaza following attacks by Palestinian terrorists against Israeli civilians.

“I am not able to express in words without tears filling my eyes the pain and the hurt we are going through because of this unfair separation,” Misaad said of his wife’s situation.

Misaad, who pastors a small Baptist church in Gaza, visited Jordan in April and was able to meet with Suhad.

Misaad and his church members said they feel hopeful that he and his wife will be reunited.


“Church members are encouraged in the Lord,” he said. “Please keep us in your prayers.”