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In the (BP) story, “Conservative-moderate differences aired by competing groups’ reps,” dated 10/12/99, please make the following corrections:

— In the 11th paragraph, delete the words: “state convention personnel.” NOTE: The same correction should be made to the 24th paragraph of the accompanying 10/12/99 (BP) story, “Midwestern course stretches from state conventions to theology dispute.”
— In the 13th paragraph of the story, “Conservative-moderate differences… ,” the end of the 2nd sentence should have read:
… accepted a $25,000 grant from a moderate group, Texas Baptists Committed, to fund start-ups in several different states.
— In the 14th paragraph, the ending quote should have read:
“… does not miraculously convert falsehood and error into truth.”
— In the 17th paragraph, the ending quote should have read:
“… back from a pro-CBF center-left to a pro-SBC center-right majority,” not pro-SBC center-left.
— Substitute the following for the 19th paragraph:
Marus, in his presentation, said “extra-scriptural issues,” among which he included the family amendment to the SBC’s Baptist Faith and Message confessional statement adopted in 1998, should not be a basis to break fellowship between Christians with differing views.

Additionally, the following paragraph can be added after the 3rd paragraph of the story, “Conservative-moderate differences … :”

Messer spoke after Moran had fielded various challenges from Missouri moderate leaders who were in attendance, including Barry Pennington, moderator of the Missouri Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and pastor of Susquehanna Baptist Church in suburban Kansas City, and Pete Hill, former CBF Coordinating Council member and pastor of Wornall Road Baptist Church, Kansas City.

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