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‘Beautiful cars … the best people’ on hand for church-sponsored event

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. (BP)–Vern Henderson has been to a lot of car shows, but this one was different.

Leaning against his black 1950 Ford Custom convertible, Henderson said he chose to exhibit his car in this setting because of the positively charged atmosphere.

“I have been to many, many car shows in the past, but I chose to come to this one last year,” he said. “This is a real family show — you can walk down the aisles and see beautiful cars, but most importantly, the best people you will ever meet.”

The second annual “Car Show of Choice Chariots” at Noland Road Baptist Church in Independence, Mo. — which drew several hundred spectators — was sponsored by “Soldiers for Christ,” a men’s ministry at the church.

Forty-four exhibitors displayed cars and trucks of all makes and models, with prizes awarded to various entries. Last year, 28 cars were registered — and 52 appeared.

Sitting in the 1924 Ford Model T that he has owned for about 30 years, H.M. Fields of Independence said he has been involved in shows for six or eight years.

“You can’t be very smart to get into restoring a car,” he said with a laugh. “It takes a lot of time and money, but it’s all worth it.”

The men’s ministry group organized the June 3 show for a simple reason — to show that just as a person can take an automobile and remake it, Jesus can do the same with mankind.

“Some cars start out in a real sad shape,” pastor E.M. Hay observed. “Through love and attention, the car can be made new again. The same thing happens when Jesus enters our lives; he makes us whole.”

Many of the exhibitors and visitors don’t have a church home, Hay noted, so through the car show, the church can demonstrate what it has to offer.

Members of the church passed out literature to people showing their cars, and also to onlookers.

“We actually had two new members to our church added because of the show, and that’s a victory,” Hay said.

Randy Black, a member of the men’s group, said it was important that the love of Christ be evident at the car show.

“We just wanted to promote the love and fellowship of Christian drivers in an environment where there is no alcohol or other things that draw a person away,” he said.
Rogers is a correspondent for the Word & Way, newsjournal of the Missouri Baptist Convention.

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