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B&H book, ‘Letters to Baby,’ featured on Oprah Winfrey Show

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)??Oprah Winfrey described it as “a really simple concept that has profound results.”
The nationally syndicated talk show host was referring to the suggestion in a new Broadman & Holman book that parents write a letter to their newborn child explaining what’s really important in life.
“Letters to Baby,” described as “a keepsake of blessings and wisdom for new babies,” was featured on the Sept. 19 edition of “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” Compiled by Franklin, Tenn., resident Chaz Corzine, it is a collection of letters from celebrities and public figures who answer the question: “What would you tell a newborn baby that you have found to be important in life?”
Included are letters from Art Linkletter, Kathie Lee Gifford, Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, James Dobson, Faith Hill?McGraw and Tim McGraw, Franklin Graham and many others. Space is provided at the end of the book for parents to write their own letter to their newborn. The author suggests giving the letter to the child on a special occasion such as a 16th birthday, high school graduation or wedding day.
“It will be a cherished gift revealing the love that filled your heart … right from the beginning,” said Chaz Corzine, senior vice president of artist development for Blanton & Harrell Entertainment in Nashville. He said he got the idea for the book shortly after the birth of his first child, Sean Louis, in 1991.
“Sean’s birth was such an amazing experience for me. I was overwhelmed at the love I felt for him,” Corzine remembered. “Then, not long after his birth, he received a letter from former President Ronald Reagan whom I had met on several occasions through my work with (recording artist) Amy Grant.
“I had always had a deep, abiding respect for President Reagan, and when he sent that inspiring letter to my son, it was such an encouragement. I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be great to have a book filled with letters like that?'”
Almost a year ago, Corzine began asking celebrities he had met and “other people who have lived unique lives” if they would contribute to the book. He was able to collect 67 letters for the final manuscript.
One of the contributors is actor Kirk Cameron, best known for his role on the “Growing Pains” television sitcom in the early ’90s. His letter caught the eye of Oprah Winfrey and one of the producers of her talk show.
Winfrey sent a crew to Los Angeles to videotape Cameron reading excerpts from the letter.
“Your life is going to be so much fun,” Cameron said, reading from his letter. “There will also be times when you will be sad or maybe a little scared. But there’s good news! You can always pray and tell God what you need, and He will take care of things for you. You see, He is always watching over you and is with you wherever you go. Just look for Him and you’ll know what I mean.”
Winfrey held up a copy of Corzine’s book and also had members of her studio audience read letters they had written to their own children when they were babies.
She described the letter?writing process as “a very simple but wonderful idea every parent should do for their child.”
“This is the first time a B&H book has been featured on Oprah,” Bucky Rosenbaum, editorial director for Broadman & Holman, said. “We’re excited about the exposure for the book, as well as the impact for our overall publishing program and our commitment to furthering the cause of Christ.”
Winfrey’s show is seen by 15 to 20 million viewers a day in the United States and also is broadcast in 132 other countries. Many of the books featured on her show have become instant best?sellers.
Broadman & Holman personnel worked feverishly during the week to ensure enough copies will be distributed to bookstores to meet the anticipated demand.
While he’s thrilled about the publicity, Corzine said he hopes the lasting impact of the book “will be the eternal wisdom that’s in this thing. So many of the letters talk about eternal value. They show that serving Jesus is what’s really important in life.”
“Letters to Baby” is available at Baptist Book Stores and other bookstores across the country.

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