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This week’s Bible study is adapted from the Explore the Bible curriculum.

Bible Passage: Luke 7:40-50

Discussion Questions:

  • What are some ways we might measure a person’s love for another person? How do their actions factor into how we measure the depth of a person’s love?
  • How does Jesus’ love for us fuel faith in Him?

Food for thought:

Most of us have some type of system to determine the appropriate amount to spend on a gift for a person. The amount is usually in relation to how much we spend on others. If a person is a member of our immediate family, we are likely to spend more on them than we would a non-family member. We may spend a little more if the person has helped us in a challenging time, as opposed to those who went on their way when we needed them most. We may even know where we rank with others based on the gifts they give us, in comparison to gifts others receive from that same person.

In Luke 7, we are told about a woman who poured perfume on Jesus’ feet, wept over them and wiped His feet with her hair. As people looked on with shock, Jesus shared a brief parable about a creditor and two debtors. The two men in Jesus’ story had fallen into debt to their lender, but to different degrees. In the story, neither man could pay his debts, but the lender graciously forgave both. Jesus concluded the story with a simple question about which one would love the lender more? Simon immediately identified the one with the greater debt as the one who would respond with a greater love. Jesus noted that the woman using her hair to wipe His feet demonstrated a greater love for Him.

The woman approached Jesus in faith and found forgiveness and acceptance. She understood the value of that forgiveness and offered worship in return. The truth is we are all sinners just like that woman. We too need forgiveness. All who believe in Jesus will find that same forgiveness.

We too can then respond to that forgiveness with gratitude and worship, knowing He accepts us despite our past failures and rebellion. We should demonstrate our love for God with great intensity. We may not grab a bottle of perfume, but we can at least let others know of the forgiveness found only in Jesus.

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