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BP launches collection of stories on same-sex ‘marriage’

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–In an effort to keep readers better informed on the national debate over same-sex “marriage,” Baptist Press has created a special collection of stories.

The collection, which will be updated weekly and currently has more than 35 items, includes the stories that have run in Baptist Press since Nov. 18, when the Massachusetts high court issued its landmark decision. Features, news stories and first-person commentaries are included.

The collection is titled “Marriage: One Man, One Woman” and is available by clicking on the marriage graphic at www.bpnews.net.

The collection is divided into two sections: features and news. The features section includes the in-depth stories about same-sex “marriage” that appear in Baptist Press each Friday. The news section includes the weekly “Marriage Digest” as well as daily news.

The collection encompasses:

— A look at the Massachusetts ruling and how it could spread nationally.

— A look at the “gay rights” movement and the civil rights movement, with a focus on whether such comparisons are valid.

— A look at the battle over same-sex “marriage” in Canada and how Christians there are doing.

— Stories examining where President Bush and the Democrat presidential candidates stand on the issue.
The “One Marriage, One Woman” collection can be accessed at:

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