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BP resources from N.Y., D.C. available to pastors, churches

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Baptist Press photos and stories covering Southern Baptists’ ministry in the wake of Sept. 11’s terrorist attacks are available to pastors, churches and others at www.bpnews.net.

Resources from BP, the official news service of the Southern Baptist Convention, can be reproduced in church newsletters and used in video displays during worship services and other meetings, said Will Hall, vice president for news services with the SBC Executive Committee.

“Baptist Press has compiled a number of photo and story resources documenting the ‘intersection of crisis and belief’ that has resulted from the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C.,” Hall said. The Baptist Press website displays a photo gallery to provide a quick review of photos currently on file in our Photo Library from both New York and Washington. High resolution versions of the photos posted in the Photo Gallery may be found in the Photo Library by noting the photo title from the photo gallery and using it to search the Photo Library archives.

Hall also noted, “Churches that desire to keep their members up to date on the most recent news about ‘Ground Zero’ and the many SBC ministries in the aftermath may add our headlines to their websites using our newsfeed service.”

BP’s headlines are updated daily on church websites automatically. When visitors click on a BP headline, a browser window will pop up displaying the story selected, and when the window is closed, the visitors will be right back at the church website.

Webmasters may download the free newsfeed feature at www.bpnews.net for BPNews headlines. A newsfeed also is available for BPSports. The format of BP’s standard background may be modified to match the color scheme of church web pages.

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