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BRIEF: ‘Grace Card’ film releases on DVD

MEMPHIS (BP) — “The Grace Card,” the faith-based film made by a Memphis church and hundreds of volunteers that received a significant number of favorable reviews earlier this year, was released on DVD Aug. 16.

The movie spotlights the racial tension between a white cop and a black cop and focuses on the subject of forgiveness.

It was directed by David Evans, an optometrist and a member of Calvary Church who was inspired to make the movie after watching the 2008 hit “Fireproof,” which was made by Sherwood Baptist Church in Georgia.

Grace Card had an impressive opening weekend in February that placed it on par with the opening weekend of the 2006 film “Facing the Giants.”

“People are really hungry for movies that inspire them, movies that have a message,” Evans, a graduate of Southwest Baptist University, told Baptist Press in February. “I call it entertainment with a purpose. You don’t want people to come to theaters and feel like you’re forcing medicine down their throat, so we’re very careful at what points we place our message.

“There has to be entertainment, but we want people to walk out of the theater saying, ‘I’m not extending grace like I need to. I am not forgiving people like I need to.’ … It’s a niche that’s evolving that was started by Sherwood, and I think other people are realizing that there’s a demand for this caliber of wholesome, faith-based entertainment with a purpose.”
Compiled by Michael Foust, associate editor of Baptist Press.

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