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Burkett saw ‘great honor’ in helping Southern Baptists


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–When Gary Aylor joined LifeWay Christian Resources as stewardship director in 1996, his priority goal was to reach the person in the pew with information to help them manage their God-entrusted resources.

Larry Burkett was the first person who came to mind, Aylor said. One of the foremost Christian financial counselors in America, Burkett offered broad, down-to-earth suggestions and was popular with both his readers and radio listeners.

“We invited him to come to LifeWay on June 25, 1998, for a meeting to discuss how he and LifeWay’s ministries might work together,” Aylor remembered. “He had tears in his eyes when he said, ‘My denomination has never asked me to do anything with them. This is a great honor, and you can have anything if it’ll help the Kingdom.’

“He was so willing to help,” Aylor said, recalling the first contract Burkett signed with LifeWay. “The only thing he wanted changed was that his organization be allowed to buy at discount if he wasn’t here.”

Eventually, Burkett completed two financial Bible studies for LifeWay — “How Much is Enough” and “Jesus on Money.”

Currently, LifeWay is working in continuing a partnership with Crown Financial Ministries to provide more of Burkett’s materials and insights to Southern Baptist churches.


“He was a real person,” said Aylor, who now serves as LifeWay Church Resources’ director of central operations. “I really believe God is pleased with what he’s done, and what will continue to be done through the ministry of Larry Burkett, even now that he’s gone home to be with the Lord.”