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BWA launches Internet web site

WASHINGTON (BP)–The Baptist World Alliance now has its own Internet site on the World Wide Web accessed at www.baptistnet.org, according to Wendy Ryan, director of communications.
Designed entirely in-house by the McLean, Va.-based staff, the web site contains general information on the BWA with separate pages that describe fellowship, evangelism, aid, justice, human rights and the work of the men, youth and women’s departments, Ryan said.
A special news and information section includes the latest news releases from the BWA as well as files on BWA News, the monthly newsletter, and Baptist World, the quarterly magazine.
“There is a section on ways one can help the BWA and a link up to the Youth Department website where one can register for the 13th Baptist Youth World Congress, Houston, July 22-26, 1998,” Ryan said.
As the website develops, among other things, there will be a section on the 18th Baptist World Congress, Jan. 5-9, 2000, Melbourne, Australia.

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