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Campus crusader calls seminary to pray and fast for revival

NEW ORLEANS (BP)–“The miracle begins with you and me, and I don’t know any other way but to ask God for renewal through fasting and prayer for revival in America,” Bill Bright told students and visitors at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Bright, founder and president of Campus Crusade for Christ International, addressed a special chapel service on Jan. 24, calling participants to fast and pray for revival in America.

In New Orleans as part of Campus Crusade’s annual Super Bowl activities, Bright took the opportunity to speak at NOBTS at the request of seminary president Chuck Kelley. Bright said he believes revival in America must begin with the nation’s future spiritual leaders.

Bright’s message concluded a week of chapel services dedicated to revival. On Jan. 21, the first day of the second semester, local pastor Buford Easley preached; Easley, known for his passionate sermon delivery, is pastor of Williams Boulevard Baptist Church in Kenner, La. John Avant, pastor of New Hope Baptist Church in Fayetteville, Ga., spoke on Jan. 22; and Kelley addressed students on Jan. 23.

Bright said the burden on his heart is to see people empowered by the Holy Spirit proceed from the “schools of the prophets” to lead the nation in revival. However, a return to godliness must occur within the church before the world will receive the witness of Christians, he said.

Sharing insight he has gained from his worldwide travels, Bright said the conduct of American Christians gives watching nations the impression that believing the Bible has no impact on daily behavior.

“They see us carrying our big black Bibles and embracing everything that is evil,” Bright said.

“I’ve come to beg of you; you can help turn the tide,” he said, as he urged students to commit to pray and fast for revival.

Bright, who has had three personal fasts of 40 days each, encouraged students to participate in fasts according to God’s directions to each of them. “The best thing about fasting is the intimacy with God,” he said, adding his energy level and health have not suffered through his fasts.

Bright also cited researcher George Barna’s findings which indicate that to outsiders the behavior of Christians is not perceived as significantly different from people who do not profess Christianity.

As Bright concluded his message, he invited students to stand to indicate their desire to recommit to unconditional obedience to God’s call. The entire assembly rose in one motion and he prayed for them.

Following the service, many of the students who were moved by Bright’s testimony met with Bright and Kelley at the foot of the chapel platform for prayer and counseling.

“I come to you with a heavy heart because of our tragic image in the world,” he said. “And yet I’m excited because you are awakening out of the stupor of the Laodicean spirit and recapturing your first love and saying, ‘Whatever you want us to do Lord, we will do it.'”

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