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CHRISTIAN APPS OF THE MONTH: Christian radio apps, part 2

EDITOR’S NOTE: Last month’s Christian Apps of the Month spotlighted three apps for listening to Christian radio. This month’s feature lists three more such apps.

Moody Radio

Platform: iPhone

Price: Free

About it: The app allows users to listen to streaming audio of Moody Radio’s talk programming as well as its praise and worship music. The app includes a program schedule as well as a series of programs — such as “In the Market with Janet Parshall” and “Chris Fabry Live” — that can be listened to on-demand. The app allows users to listen to programming or music in the background. Once launched, the app will automatically play music. Moody’s talk programming can be accessed through a local station by hitting the “stations” button on the home screen.


Platform: iPhone, Android, Blackberry

Price: Free

About it: The K-Love app, sponsored by the popular syndicated Christian contemporary music station, allows users to listen to commercial-free music. A “buy song” button allows users to purchase the music being played. The app also allows K-Love to be played in the background.


Platform: iPhone, Android

Price: Free

About it: The WAY-FM app gives users access to Christian contemporary music through their local station or through any station in the syndicated WAY-FM network. Users can purchase a song being played by hitting “buy song” and also listen to music in the background.
Compiled by Michael Foust, associate editor of Baptist Press. Have a comment or an app suggestion? Email [email protected]. Christian Apps of the Month is a feature that accompanies a monthly technology column by Aaron Linne.

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