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Church media program, resources redesigned

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–The Sunday School Board’s administration of the church media program and the services it provides have been redesigned as a part of the ongoing reassessment of support for ministry assignments in the church leadership services division, according to Mike Miller, division director.
The changes will result in the elimination of six positions filled by people related to the Christian schools and media services department. An additional position that is vacant also will be eliminated. Effective Oct. 1, four professional positions, one support staff position, and one management position will be deleted. Four employees will assume new assignments related to Christian schools and the church media program. Other employees will receive career transition and outplacement assistance, along with severance pay based on years of service.
Mike Miller, division director, said the church media program will move to the board’s pastor-staff leadership department, with Mancil Ezell as program director. Ezell has been director of the Christian schools and media services department.
David Tiller, who has been church media program leader; Pat Brown, a consultant for the church media program; and Susan Moorehead, customer support trainer, will fill new positions related to Christian schools.
“Mancil Ezell brings long tenure and extensive expertise with the media program to this redesigned assignment,” Miller said. “He will coordinate services and resources through regional specialists located nearer to church media directors and more immediately accessible to their needs. This approach will provide a more localized team to enhance media support to the congregation, its leaders, home school parents and Christian schools.”
Miller said Ezell will be editor-in-chief of the Church Media Library Magazine.
“The addition of Pat Brown and David Tiller to the Christian schools section will provide a strong linkage between one of our newest ministries, home schooling and Christian schools, and an established ministry of media services. They bring educational and career skills that will strengthen this new area. Susan Moorehead brings expertise that will benefit Christian schools as they use technology in their instructional media.”
The church leadership services division includes the pastor-staff leadership department, music ministries department, multicultural leadership department, Christian home/school section and church stewardship and architectural services sections.