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Church with woman as pastor dismissed from Ga. association

SAVANNAH, Ga. (BP)–Georgia’s Savannah Association, in an historic vote, removed Memorial Baptist Church from the fellowship of the association because of its call of a woman as pastor. The issue was whether the church had stepped outside the boundaries of acceptable practice and the majority of messengers voted 181 to 96 that it had.
Carolyn Hale was called as pastor of Memorial in March and came to the church in May. The 40-year-old church in southeast Georgia has over 200 members and has a long history of support for women in ministry. Hale is the daughter of a Southern Baptist pastor, a graduate of Georgetown (Ky.) College and Lexington (Ky.) Theological Seminary. She previously served as Dean of Student Life at Georgetown College and associate pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Georgetown.

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  • William Neal